I had expected the Rumored Apple Headset’s user interface to be made primarily of volumes, intricate objects, and texture, without so many flat windows floating in space. But having seen the pitch for Vision Pro, I think their choices make a lot of sense.

Flat windows seem necessary to launch visionOS with a significant number of existing apps plus the Mac desktop. VR and AR devices have generally been bottlenecked by limited software catalogs. I really liked my PSVR, but the catalog was its downfall. So this most compatible approach may bring in users first and then compel businesses to follow their customers to the platform.

Flat windows also work nicely with using your gaze as a pointing device. Even though you can drag objects in full 3D, it’s a less clumsy 2D interaction (pitch and yaw) that casts the ray to the pinch starting point. It also helps that windows generally aren’t positioned to occlude one another.

So are we bringing back VRML or what?